Thursday, August 27, 2009

Silk Scarf Party!

Yesterday I went to my first class at Wild Heather, the Silk Scarf Party. What a blast!

We started our first project with a slightly damp white (blank) silk scarf. Using Dye-Na-Flow paints with water and silk salt, we were encouraged to create on the spot, using colours that blend nicely. That one is my yellow-orange-red one.

The next technique was Shibori; we wrapped our pre-dyed scarves on a pole, tying and scrunching in increments, and then over-dying them. That one is my blue-green one.

The last technique was also Shibori, but this time our resists were tied and stitched. That is my pink-purple one.

I haven't had so much fun creating something in a long time! I think the girls and I will do a bunch as Christmas gifts- they are so fun to make and we can personalize them to the receiver.

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