Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday musings

So, it's the beginning of another week, and my Baby is off to work again. I get spoiled by these three day weekends!

Friday, Rich, Chloe and I went into the city to get a ceiling fan for our bedroom, and we found a lamp for the desk as well. We got the ceiling fan installed in a relatively short time and it looks great. The desk lamp is also beautiful, I love it.

We had lunch at the Kokoro Bowl and it was yummy!

Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market and got some fresh things for the week. I also got some chocolate & orange dried pasta... I was so intrigued, I had to buy some! Apparently the dessert recipe for it is on the web site and I think I will give it a whirl today- I will have to let you know how that turns out.

We also started some plant shopping. We got a nice big plant for the bedroom for the wall between the door and my armoir, and a nice big one for the sitting room. We also got a small assortment of cacti in different colours; I am going to do a little cactus garden for Rich's dresser. Plants certainly lend a homeyness to a room, don't they?

We have been here almost a month now, and it feels like I have always been here. At first it felt a little like I was playing house, I was almost afraid to believe that this is really my life now. But it isn't a dream, it IS my reality. Wow.

I love our home, and I love doing things in it and for it to make it look nice. I remember reading a passage in the Anne of Green Gables series about how she loved her home and felt as though it was an actual part of the family, how she loved making it look nice and doing things in it and for it. She said she could feel that that house wanted to be loved. It used to sound like flowery literature. Now I understand completely!

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