Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our biking adventures

Rich has been off on holidays this week and we have taken advantage of that to take some long bike rides. 

We went on Monday, and boy did we pick a hard trail! There were a lot of sharp inclines, the trail was up and down so much we had to ride our brakes a lot, and we totaled an incline of over 220 feet! Add to that the fact that due to other obligations and such, we hadn't been out in a couple of weeks... let's just say we were plenty worn out when we finally dragged our sorry behinds back to the car (we often drive to a park so we can start at a certain point in a bike trail and explore from there). 

Today we went in the morning and we were feeling in much better shape than the other day! lol
We went along the south Platte River and tried out some new pathways there- it is a whole labyrinth of trails. It was sunny but cooler than it has been, a perfect day for riding. We had a glorious time!

The first photo shows the kind of stunning scenery that we ride alongside on this trail. The second photo shows the deck of the place we stopped for lunch; there is actually a little trail built from the bike trail to the Platte Canyon Grill- and they have excellent hamburgers! There were many bikers from the trail there for lunch, it was very cool.

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