Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A bit of this and a bit of that

Another beautiful morning in Colorado. It has finally cooled down some, though we are supposed to get really hot again today. I love the mornings!

I have posted some new photos in a couple of my Webshots albums, the "wonderful things about" album, and the "summer of 2008" album. I figure posting online albums is better than clogging up inboxes- plus then you can look at as few or as many photos as you like.

I tried my hand at hedge-trimming yesterday and though it wasn't perfect, I think with some practice, I could be alright at it.

I went to a quilt store yesterday and it felt good to be back in one! It is smaller than Taylors and though they have a nice selection of fabric, there isn't much in the way of notions or threads. We went to Denver Fabrics on the weekend and it is HUGE! I can get anything I need there, but it doesn't have that homey quilt shop feel to it.

There is a Shop Hop here the first weekend of August and nine stores are participating. I am tempted to go- they have a bus for the Friday and Saturday for $80, which includes lunch and the driver tip. It would save me fretting about getting lost around here. (Even though I have GPS, I still seem to get turned around sometimes... lol) I don't know- two days and nine stores... you can only see one block of the quilt in each store ahead of time, they won't hang the quilt until the day of the Shop Hop. The block I saw WAS cute, a kitty cat with a ball of yarn...hmmmm. Decisions, decisions!

Today after my housework is done, I am going to the supermarket for some items I need for dinner. Rich got me a subscription to Gourmet magazine and we keep finding recipes we want to try. On the menu for tonight:
homemade Jalapeno poppers
Cheesecake with minted Blackberries
Corn ice cream

I know. Corn ice cream. After you get past the intitial "ewwww" factor, there is something intriguing about it. Since there is an ice cream maker here, we are going to give it a whirl! Literally! lol

Here is a recent photo of Rich and I, taken last week when he took me out to Frasca for their Monday tasting menu. That place is mouth-wateringly yummy! I dream about their food!

Time to clean!

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