Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Look what I did!

Today I took another class at Wild Heather, and it was SOOOOOO fun!!!

The class was called 3D Photo Imagery, and it involves printing a photo on both cotton and organza (I believe the product is called Extravorganza), then layering the two with a frame.

I chose a photo from our holiday in Portugal that you are all likely familiar with- the Templo de Diana, in Evora. I just loved our whole holiday and every photo brings back wonderful memories, so I am starting to use the photos to decorate our still mostly-bare walls in our home.

The project took less than two hours, start to finish (not counting the printing), we got to use tools to bang and staple, and best of all, I just love the way it turned out.

A BIG thanks to Heather for being so patient with me, and for helping me choose the colours of fabric. I have not developed my "artist's eye" for colour yet, and really appreciate Heather's touch. She suggested that when we do another one of these, we try out the fabrics we might want to use, to see which ones wash out the photograph and which ones make it pop out. I am only beginning to understand colour, but the more I learn and watch, the more sense it makes, the more exciting it is.

I wish the store wasn't closing, but I do understand and wish Heather all the best in the world, she is just a peach and darn inspiring to be around! Did I mention how much fun I had???!!!

I wish I knew how to photograph it so that you could see the 3D effect, but sadly, I don't. But you can see how nice it is anyway! (the off-center look is my photography, not the finished product!)

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