Monday, August 11, 2008

Bighorn sheep, rabbits, and deer. Oh My!

Here I am on a sunny Monday morning, thinking over the great weekend we just had.

Heidi is the newest member of the Columbine Rebels Marching Band and even though school hasn't even started yet, they have been practicing for hours already.

As Heidi was at band practice all day Saturday, Rich and I took Chloe for a bike ride down along the Platte River. We biked 13.4 miles (21.6 km) altogether, and it was great. You can bike all the way into Denver on that path. Chloe is a great biker and so is Heidi, but these long rides seem to be over the limit for them at this point.

Sunday Rich and I went to Waterton Canyon again and biked to the dam and back, which is 12.8 miles (20.8 km), so we sure got our exercise this weekend!

While at the canyon, we saw a whole herd of bighorn sheep, some coming down the mountain and the rest right at the side of the road, grazing. I counted eleven of them and it was really something. They didn't seem too wary of all of us bikers and hikers, and everyone was respectful. We see a LOT of wildlife on our bike rides, no matter where we go- thus today's blog title! lol

This morning we are going out to get back-to-school haircuts and to buy a couple of items that we missed last week. 

Then I need to call the schools to get the girls student numbers; one of the great things about this school board is the Parent Portal- I can log in and see exactly what assignments they have due, what their grades are, and everything. We can also put money on their cards to buy lunches and stuff.

Today is the last day of vacation for the girls. They are both nervous and excited. Another new adventure is about to begin.

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