Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting Settled

Are we really here, or am I dreaming?

Nope, we are really here, and it is the closest thing to heaven I could ever imagine!

Where to begin? The house is gorgeous, I love it. The back yard is spacious, quiet and private. My new car is awesome. Last but certainly not least, being able to be with Rich full-time is pure bliss!

Guess what I did yesterday? I picked cherries out of our very own tree and made Rich a homemade cherry pie- crust and all! Is that cool or what?!

We have been bike-riding all over the place and it is a blast! Some of the trails are simply breathtaking! Now that I have a way to carry my camera along with me, I will be bringing it everywhere.

Hopefully if I have some time today, I will put some new albums on my Webshots page. I still need to take a few pictures...

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