Monday, September 22, 2008

Band Extravaganza!

Last weekend marked our foray into the Marching Band era- with great gusto!

Friday night, the Rebels played the National Anthem and a halftime show at a football game between the Rebels and their biggest rivals, the Chargers. (we won, 17-14).

Rich, Chloe, and I helped the Pit Crew and that was fun. The band was fantastic! The only problem is that at a football game, not many people care about the band playing, and the crowd was pretty loud. But we enjoyed it.

Saturday was a big competition, the Arapahoe Invitational, and there were 25 bands from within the State. There were out of state judges, but I don't believe there were any out of state bands (though it is quite possible I am wrong, we weren't there for the whole day).

Columbine made the finals and placed 8th out of 25! I felt so sorry for them; about a minute or so after they started playing we got a huge downpour and they had to play in that! But Heidi said they all felt that they performed the best to date, and I have to agree. They were awesome!

Heidi earned an award from her band leader for all of her hard work, and she came home beaming from ear to ear, even though she had been away for 14 hours, played twice, got wet and cold, and must have been exhausted. She loves the band and says it is like a family. 

I am so happy that she likes it!

The photos here show the band marching to the field, the flute section (Heidi is right in the middle of the front row, third from the left), and the whole band in formation on the field. It is really quite something to see.

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