Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A little catch up

Hello again,

Hope everyone had as nice a weekend as I did... of course having Rich home for a three day weekend spoils me...

We went on a spectacular bike ride Sunday night, just the two of us. It was sort of spur-of-the-moment and so I didn't have a camera with me, but we are going back there for sure! I am including a photo from another site to give you an idea of the view as you ride there... it was 12.4 miles all told (about 19 km!) and it was hard but exhilarating! We saw some bighorn sheep up on the mountain on our way to the dam and some deer (even a little spotted fawn!) on the way back down. Awesome!

Here, finally, is the photo we had taken at the Renaissance Festival. Slowly but surely we are getting all of this technology to work! LOL

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