Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The next stage

Another quiet morning, waiting for the plumber to arrive. I get up at 6 am with Rich but the kids all sleep in, and so I have a few quiet hours every morning to write online, to get some work around the house done, to ponder what to do with my day. I love it.

I need to plan my front garden! I really want some rose bushes and perennials with lots of colour out there, I just can't seem to narrow it down! lol But I will, I would like to get stuff planted and growing as soon as possible.

We were at the eye doctor's yesterday. Both Heidi and Chloe needed glasses; Chloe got reading glasses, and Heidi needs them for school in general, she doesn't see far away very well. They actually got the glasses yesterday, and you can see here how adorable they look!

Both Rich's and my prescriptions changed some so we are also getting new glasses, only ours won't be ready for a couple of weeks.

I have entered the next stage in adulthood: bifocals. *sigh*
I don't actually care, I just want to be able to see without straining, as I do read a lot and spend a fair amount of time on the computer too.

Chloe has a new friend who lives just two houses down from us. She is also going into Grade 6, so hopefully they will be in the same class. Maybe I can ask...

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