Friday, January 30, 2009

Another hike

Well, we have been out hiking again, and this time we saw lots of footprints in the wet clay.

I am including a photo of what I believe (after looking it up) to be mountain lion tracks- they were ALL over the trail we were on. We saw deer and bunny tracks too, but my camera battery was pretty low and I couldn't take as many photos as I usually do.

It is so cool to be able to hike in light clothes in January! But the ground is a weird texture this time of year. As our soil is clay, the water/snow doesn't get absorbed too far down, and so even the grassy areas are slippery to walk on. You definitely have to watch your step. It would be so easy to slip and fall or twist your ankle.

We didn't go out much last weekend, Colorado actually had a cold snap and it was a bit too chilly to be out long.

Chloe started riding lessons at Coventry and loved it. Learning English will be a bit of a challenge, but she is up to it!

Other than that, I have been keeping busy with housework, quilt classes, and volunteer stuff- I have to do something to stay out of trouble! lol

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