Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Baby of the Family is 11!

Today is Chloe's 11th birthday. Pity it is a school day; it's rough to have to stand on your chair at school so your classmates can sing Happy Birthday to you, it's a horrible thing to have to withstand a whole bunch of teachers smiling at you and giving you candies...

We actually let Chloe open her gifts on Monday so that she could have the holiday to enjoy her gifts. Heidi gave her a stuffed Squirt (from Finding Nemo) and a Wall*E journal, both of which she just loved.

We will have cards and cake tonight, we don't have a lot of time considering it is a school night.

This weekend we are heading to Elitch Gardens, the amusement park. Rich's company has booked the park for their family day. It should be lots of fun!

The following weekend, Chloe will have a sleepover party for her birthday. We haven't finalized any plans, just the date... lol

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