Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My little chippy

Poor Heidi.

It is Spring Break, and she is spending her week on the couch, after having SIX wisdom teeth removed first thing Monday morning. Her appointment was 6:45 am and so she didn't even get to sleep in.

The surgery went well. She had IV sedation like I did, and was pretty darn loopy when I sat with her in the office. In fact, she was pretty darn loopy a lot of the day. Chloe was great about changing out the ice packs, thought we might have a bit of a chance to minimize the swelling. The surgeon said she would have some big swelling because the two extra teeth were WAY up there. And he was right. She did develop some major chippy cheeks yesterday, but they did go down a little by bedtime. Hopefully it will be a little better again today.

Thankfully she was prescribed painkillers which we keep on top of. Her jaw is pretty tender but the incision sites seem to be doing well. She is rinsing with the salt water and though she doesn't like the taste, I happen to know it helps a LOT. Not just because it was in the list of instructions or because I did it last month when it was my turn- but because it was a big cure-all in my Grama's repertoire of home remedies.

I hated to get a sore throat because I knew it meant two things: rinsing and gargling with salt water and having an old sock of my Grandpa's pinned around my neck! lol But I must tell you Grama, if you are listening: it did work, you were right. (Not only about that, but about a lot of things!)

Anyway, yesterday morning when I got up with Rich at 6 am, Heidi was awake and feeling miserable. This morning she was still asleep when I got up, and is still sleeping now. So hopefully this will be a better day for her all around.

I would post a photo but she won't let me. When Heidi was little, she was all eyes and chippy cheeks. So she has reverted for a couple of days...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We have had some absolutely lovely days lately here in Colorado. Today was almost 80F!!

The calendar says it is spring. But when we have 75F one day and a snowstorm with temperatures of 30F the next- it's a little hard to tell! lol Apparently, this is typical Colorado!

Anyway, those of us who have southern exposure at the front of the house have daffodils and crocuses blooming and no snow.

And let's not forget the signature sign of spring for our house- snakes. Yuck.

I know they won't hurt me (they are just garter snakes) and I know they are amazing creatures (according to some) and I know they are beneficial (though I am still not clear on why).

BUT they startle me, they creep me out a LOT, and I really wish there weren't so many of them in our yard... there is a nest of them under my front porch, and possibly under a bush in my front garden. (Said bush is where the snake in this photo keeps coming out from under)

Would it be mean to consider digging up said bush to encourage them to move elsewhere????

The year we bought the house, Rich was able to come here a lot in the spring and I wasn't. That spring the ground was FULL of snakes. I didn't see a lot of them last year, but we had a weird winter and that could have had something to do with it.

So, how will I manage to do all of my gardening and getting things going in the beds if I am continually frightened away by slithery, moving things????

I hope they get going soon, that's all I can say.

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