Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I was on someone's blog and came across this amazing video. It is a speech by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the bestselling book, "Eat, Pray, Love".

It is a 20 minute speech about the creative process and though she is speaking more specifically about writing, I think what she says applies to all of us who try to nurture the artist within us- whether we express ourselves in words, music, or other mediums such as fabric.

She suggests that artists tend to be too hard on themselves and suffer too much for their craft. She believes that we need to change that perception, not only in ourselves as the ones who are creative in some way, but in those that have come to expect that all artists are a little "touched".

She wants us to consider that those moments of greatness that some creative people experience- like a bestselling novel or award-winning quilt- comes not only from ourselves but from something greater than ourselves. I am not religious, but I do believe that there are powers out there bigger than we are, and it is a pretty great thought that they may step in to help us if they choose.

I will watch this again too- and think long and hard about what she says. Maybe the next time I am inspired to make something and it doesn't come out exactly as I pictured it in my mind's eye, I will be able to be a little easier on myself. After all, when we set out to make our homes, our lives, our world a little better with what we do, shouldn't the thought and the process count for at least as much as the end product?

What do you think?

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