Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meet Riley!

Well, life around here just got a lot busier and a lot more fun!

Meet, Riley, our newest little family member:

Don't you just love that face?!

Riley is a yellow lab, just 8 weeks old, and he has already stolen all of our hearts! He is playful and sweet, and a joy to be around :)

I have never had a puppy, and they truly are a lot of work, especially at this young age. But just like having a newborn baby in the house, you do the work because you want to protect this joyful little being and do your best for him.

He is eagerly exploring his new home, when he is awake, that is! He plays hard and sleeps deeply and often.

We have an orientation tonight for the puppy kindergarten we will start attending next week, and I am very excited! Riley is so smart and eager to please, it will be great to learn how to train him properly- and he gets to socialize with other little puppies his own age in a safe environment. Win-win for all!

You can be sure I will be posting updates on our life with this little guy!

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