Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Days 2 & 3 of renos!

Monday saw the kitchen completely emptied out, except for the dishwasher, which we are keeping. It looks so much smaller- hard to believe all of those cabinets came out of that space!

Monday afternoon, Amy came with Eddie, the cabinet guy, so they could draw all over the walls and floor,  marking where all the new cabinets will go.

Monday evening Amy came again, this time with Ron, the electrician, to mark out where we wanted switches and outlets. That took a lot more time and discussion than I would have thought. I let the three of them talk and ask me questions about what I do in the kitchen and where- and where I was planning to put things that need electricity.

You can see that the nice hardwood floor has been installed on at least two previous floors- and it is raised throughout most of the main floor- the kitchen, DR, front hall, and main floor bath. The sitting room is significantly lower- I would guess because they didn't go over top of anything...

We also discussed fixing the switches by the garage door (there are two separate ones now, and not straight or lined up which drives me crazy! lol) and installing the new fan we bought on the weekend for the sitting room. I think we covered everything. I think.

Tuesday (yesterday) saw the plumbers here for a good portion of the day, replacing old pipes and making sure everything is set up for moving the fridge (which has water & ice in the door).

The vent was put in for the new hood that will go over the stove. Previously, there was just a hole in the ceiling. It worked a little, but not well enough. And with a big six burner gas range coming in, we needed to make sure we got a proper hood with it.

In the afternoon, Ron came and started on his part, roughing in the electric. He is scheduled to be here all day today as well.

I can't say that I see what happened yesterday for the most part, but I know there was a flurry of activity all day!

My new sink is sitting in the garage, and the dishwasher has been moved out there now too. I still can't really picture how it will all look, but I am very excited!

Vent for the new hood fan

The holes cut- not sure for what... electrical maybe??

New pipes installed for the sink and dishwasher

What used to be the laundry chute, looking down into the basement

And the top part, looking up towards Chloe's room. She says she will miss the laundry chute- but how do you miss something you rarely use??? lol

Down in the basement; either electrical or gas line for my new stove. Or both. lol

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