Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yesterday Rich and I took the girls to see "The Phantom of the Opera" at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. We bought the tickets months ago and it seemed then that the day would never arrive.

WOW. We all just loved it! It was truly spectacular. The singing, the costumes, the orchestra- the whole experience was just incredible. There is nothing like live theater, that is for sure. It's too bad we couldn't take photos, but we are not likely to forget the details for a bit...

We took the light rail into the city and it was such a nice day. We stopped and had pizza on our way home. A great day all the way around!

Here are a couple of photos we took in front of the theater. Not as exciting as Phantom photos would have been, but oh well! lol

Up next: Il Posto

We went out again last night (Wednesday) for a go at another new restaurant, this time Il Posto in downtown Denver.

I was going to rant a bit, but decided I will just list the good and bad, starting with the good. I am no restaurant critic, but I know what I like and what I don't.

1. The food was delicious- Rich says better than Opus, but I disagree
2. The servers were really friendly and knowledgeable
3. Once they let us move to the window, we had a nice view

1. They made us wait for almost half an hour, even though we made reservations (which they called to remind us of)
2. Too crowded- the servers had barely enough room to move around- which means service wasn't very attentive
3. Too noisy

Rich laughed at me when I threw his own observations of dining out back at him! When we go out to a nice dinner, attentive service is part of the experience, and I didn't enjoy being so crammed in. I DID however, enjoy Rich's company very much, as I always do. And so any time we are together, is a darn good time!

The food really was good and I guess we will go again sometime to see if the overall experience is any better.

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