Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chloe's Continuation

Not GRADUATION because they are just "continuing" on- but a ceremony because they have to change schools.

Chloe has finished elementary school with straight "A"s and I am so proud! I have really seen her grow by leaps and bounds in every way this year. I know she is nervous about going to middle school, but I think she will positively thrive in the environment. Being the youngest, she has never cared for being treated like a baby and has always tried to prove her capability in whatever way she can. That is why I think middle school will be right up her alley! lol

Here are a few photos we took last night- check out the neon green leggings! Chloe also likes to make a statement whenever possible... lol

Friday, May 8, 2009


Today a Day Without Hate is being observed by all local schools. The idea originated last year at Standley Lake High School, when a group of students there, after hearing about the tragedy at Virginia Tech, decided they had to do SOMETHING to help bring awareness to school violence. They hoped that the awareness would bring about new ideas on how to stop it.

This year, two members of Columbine High School Senate organized the event for their school, and called in the support of all the elementary and middle schools in the area. White t-shirts with a message have been sold with the proceeds going to the Never Forgotten fund, scholarships that have been set up in the memory of the thirteen victims of Columbine. The front of the shirts shows a hand print with A Day Without Hate on the palm, and on the back it reads: Hope "learn from yesterday, unite for today, live for tomorrow." Anyone without a purchased t-shirt is asked to wear a white shirt.

White shirts are to symbolize not only peace, but solidarity. All of the schools have events set up to add impact to what they are doing- but other than the posters I have seen, I will have to wait until the girls get home to report on what they did today.

Many local businesses and community members will also be wearing the shirts- this whole community is dedicated to safe schools and neighborhoods. It makes me proud to be a part of such a great community.

I am blogging this for one reason- this Day Without Hate should be EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY. Unfortunately, that is still impossible but we have to start somewhere; maybe today, you could join us in sharing a bit more of yourself today through smiling at others, performing little random acts of kindness, remembering that we are all here with the same mission- to have a good and peaceful life. If you haven't left the house yet, why not put on a white shirt and tell others why. THANK YOU!!!

If you want to see a few more photos, I have them posted on my facebook page. If you want to read a couple of articles on this, here are a couple of links:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My hardworking girls

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the awards ceremony at the high school. All awards were handed out with the exception of Instrumental Music, which will be done at the banquet on the 18th.

Heidi was recognized for her excellence in both Math and French. Many of her friends were recognized as well- those band kids are really high achievers! You can see how pleased she is to shake Mr. D's hand in congratulations. I am so proud of Heidi, she has worked very hard this year and has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout the year.

Before the ceremony started, Mr. D'Angelis, the principal, had a few words for us all. He thanked the teachers and parents for their support of the students and then thanked the kids for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

One thing he said struck home with me, and as I LOVE good quotes (ask anyone who knows me! lol), I wrote this one down.

He said we all basically have three choices in life: Give Up, Give In, or Give it Your ALL. Don't you just LOVE that??? I believe it with all of my heart. He pointed out that the students being recognized are those who definitely give it their all. No kidding!

While I am bragging about my kids, I have to mention Holly too. She just finished her second year at Carleton in the Psychology program and got four "A" and one "B". She too has worked her behind off this past year, both going to school full-time and holding down a part-time job during the school year. WAY TO GO, HOLLY!!!

I am so very proud to be the mom of these hardworking girls who deserve every bit of back-patting they get!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Riding at Waterton Canyon

One of my very favourite places to go bike riding is Waterton Canyon. There are just so many reasons to love riding there!

First of all, it is a private road. It is wide and the only traffic on it is walkers, runners, fisherman, and bicycles- except for the odd truck driven by someone who works there (maintaining water stuff). So there is plenty of room for Rich and I to ride beside each other and chat a bit if we want.

Second, the road is pretty good. A little rocky or soft in a couple of places, but relatively decent riding the whole way.

Third, it is just over six miles to reach the dam. At that point you have to turn around and go back unless you have mountain bikes (which we don't, our bikes are hybrids) to continue up the Colorado Trail. The road up to the dam is at a slight incline which means a good workout. And the way back is at a slight decline which means a bit of an easier ride when you are tired. And all in all, we get in a guaranteed 12+ miles which is a fine workout for the two of us.

Lastly, and best of all, it is a BEAUTIFUL place to ride. The road follows a portion of the South Platte River and there is often wildlife along the trail. We have seen bighorn sheep, deer, and last week we saw a Great Blue Heron come in for a landing on a rock quite close to us. Didn't have the camera though, darn it!

I guess when we are in better shape, we could ride our bikes TO the canyon, do the trail and then bike home- but we are far from there yet...that would add an additional 16 miles to the trip! For now, I am happy to strap the bikes to Rich's car and go from there!

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