Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Riding at Waterton Canyon

One of my very favourite places to go bike riding is Waterton Canyon. There are just so many reasons to love riding there!

First of all, it is a private road. It is wide and the only traffic on it is walkers, runners, fisherman, and bicycles- except for the odd truck driven by someone who works there (maintaining water stuff). So there is plenty of room for Rich and I to ride beside each other and chat a bit if we want.

Second, the road is pretty good. A little rocky or soft in a couple of places, but relatively decent riding the whole way.

Third, it is just over six miles to reach the dam. At that point you have to turn around and go back unless you have mountain bikes (which we don't, our bikes are hybrids) to continue up the Colorado Trail. The road up to the dam is at a slight incline which means a good workout. And the way back is at a slight decline which means a bit of an easier ride when you are tired. And all in all, we get in a guaranteed 12+ miles which is a fine workout for the two of us.

Lastly, and best of all, it is a BEAUTIFUL place to ride. The road follows a portion of the South Platte River and there is often wildlife along the trail. We have seen bighorn sheep, deer, and last week we saw a Great Blue Heron come in for a landing on a rock quite close to us. Didn't have the camera though, darn it!

I guess when we are in better shape, we could ride our bikes TO the canyon, do the trail and then bike home- but we are far from there yet...that would add an additional 16 miles to the trip! For now, I am happy to strap the bikes to Rich's car and go from there!


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