Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian family and friends! I hope you all had a wonderful time with loved ones. We sure did.

Holly and Ben flew in on Friday to celebrate the holiday with us and to check out our new surroundings. They weren't overly impressed with air pressure at 30,000 feet, but had a good flight experience overall; flights being on time, good visibility, etc. They liked our neighborhood and kept saying they couldn't believe that they were more than 2,000 miles from home! lol

We had a very busy weekend with band stuff; a football game on Friday night and a competition on Saturday in Longmont. The weather was pretty miserable all weekend, rainy and overcast- something we have rarely seen here. Rich blames the Canadians. He says, coincidence??? Ha, ha, ha. As a result of the bad weather, Heidi's competition was cut short which meant she got home much earlier than expected and she had the evening to chill with her siblings. Their band came in third place.

The rest of us decided not to hang out at the competition for long and we headed over to Boulder. Ben had asked if we could try and get a photograph of the Mork & Mindy house- so we had looked up the address and over we went! lol

We did some shopping at the Pearl Street Mall (a pedestrian mall) and had lunch in this nice little Italian place that has a wood-fired oven to cook their pizzas in. It was delicious!

Sunday we had our big turkey dinner and everything went well. Zach came home to celebrate with us and to meet Holly and Ben. We all enjoyed dinner together and I am relieved!

This morning, the girls came with me to bring Holly and Ben to the airport. Lots of tears and hugs later, they were on their way. It's Columbus Day here today- but apparently it is a minor holiday, as most things are still open and running as usual. It's weird to know it is a full-blown holiday in Canada...


mamajonx said...

Hey Christa I do enjoy reading your blog...hope its okay with you.
The family is so grown up. Ben is so tall and reminds me of Jay at that age.
Our love to you all

Love Aunt L

Anonymous said...

Hello and so glad you all enjoyed Thanksgiving together, pictures are fantastic. John cooked dinner for us this year, quite a treat!
Holly and Ben look really great as well.
Hope to talk again soon
Love from both of us.
Aunt S.& Uncle H.

Christine Baker said...

I'm so glad that you had your whole family together for Thanksgiving! I hardly recognize Ben with the sideburns!! How is he liking Ottawa?? We miss him at Shoppers. I had to work for the whole weekend (Elena at work got married that weekend) but we still got together with Mike's Mom. My parents were out your way travelling. They just got home and their pictures were AMAZING - I'd love to visit there myself someday.

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