Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heidi's friends save the day!

As you likely noticed, I had trouble publishing yesterday's post... something with an internet upgrade. ARGGGGHHH!!!!

Anyway, I mentioned that the girls went with me to the airport yesterday to see Holly and Ben off. It was upsetting and hard to say good bye and the girls were feeling understandably down.

But didn't Heidi's friends save her day! Three of her marching band friends, Whitnee, Nate, and Monica, had been planning for this occasion, knowing not only that it was Canadian Thanksgiving, but that Heidi would likely have a hard day of it, having to say good bye to Holly and Ben.

When Heidi got to school, she was given a t-shirt to wear that matched the other three; on the front it has a Canadian flag drawn on with dimensional paint, and on the back it says: It's all ABOOT Thanksgiving, EH!!! Some of the paint is glow-in-the-dark apparently. lol All four kids wore the shirts yesterday, and again after they competed last night in the qualifiers (for State semis and finals).

Not only did they do the t-shirts, but Whitnee baked Heidi a cake and they took Heidi out for ice cream after school to celebrate- and to cheer her up. Heidi was so thrilled with it all.

I am thrilled that she has made such good friends here.


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