Friday, August 12, 2011

Kids' Visit

I say kids, but they really aren't anymore, at 22 and 20.

Holly and Ben spent ten days here, after we got back from our trip to Sweden and Denmark. We had a lot of fun shopping, hanging out, and just talking.

No visit would be complete without the obligatory photo shoot, so here are some photos for you to enjoy. Click on any photo to view it larger.

This time, the location was the trampoline. Which apparently Heidi doesn't like. Who knew? lol

Love those mid-air shots!

And everyone having fun! 

A pretty good photo of all four, no small feat!

Holly, 22

Ben, 20

Heidi, 17

Chloe, 13

At the end- and Heidi's face pretty much sums up how she feels about being on the trampoline... lol

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