Saturday, April 9, 2011

All of a sudden...

Just a little over a week ago, I was looking at snow and ice on the newly formed blossoms of my plum tree and my tulips out front.

I was worried that the cold and ice might harm or kill them- but it seems that the moisture has just been enough for things to start bursting forth in my gardens and yard!

I have an herb garden out back and already have usable chives and thyme. Parsley is poking up through the ground, as is another herb I planted and can't identify... I need to check my chart from last year! lol

My plum tree is full of blossoms and the bees have been quite busy there. It always makes me laugh a little that the full blossoms are out before you can really see the buds of the leaves- that seems backwards to me! It kind of looks like little tufts of snow on an otherwise bare tree.

Out front, some tulips are blooming and some of the rose bushes are greening up and budding leaves.

Things I didn't plant, like grape hyacinths and daffodils are out too, though the daffodils are pretty nearly finished.

I recognize the iris leaves and the thick stalks of peonies. And daisies, I believe, but I will have to see what blooms there to see if I am right or not! lol

Unfortunately, with this nice warm, spring weather also come the snakes. I am sure it won't be long before I see the little writhing mass in my front garden, and I have to say, I am dreading it.

My garden plans for this year are less than in previous years, as I have done plenty of work with little payoff and decided I need to be realistic for the time being. My soil needs a lot more amending before it will support a garden that sustains us throughout the summer.

Right behind the garage, I will again plant lettuce, spinach, and peas- they grow well there and require very little from me.

In the small raised bed, I will again plant my herbs, moving things around a little.

In the small fenced area, I will plant some tomatoes and beans, both of those do well here. Maybe some cucumbers, I am not sure. I do LOVE cucumbers and could eat many of them a day!

I will not be planting much- or anything in the large garden area that I have previously used. The soil is nowhere near soft enough for root vegetables, and other things I have tried just didn't grow well. I may put some melons or squash out there though, there is lots of room for them to grow. I will think about that.

It's much too windy to plant today, but the next nice morning we have will find me out there in my garden hat and boots, trowel and seeds in hand, getting ready to enjoy a new season of fresh food!

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