Friday, September 3, 2010

Plumbing and cabinets and tile, oh my!

LOL  Couldn't resist- The Wizard of Oz is still one of my all-time favourite movies and that line... you know the one... seems to stick in my head! Anyway, onto the renovation update.

Yesterday was busy here too. The plumbers came to hook up my sink- YAY!!! We now have a working sink again and thank goodness for that.

I really love the sink, but I never would have chosen it based on any photos that the company has online. The photos they have are downright poor- I happened to see it in a showroom and didn't take a photo of it myself. When I tried to show Rich, he wasn't sure it was a great as I said it was, but trusted me. He agrees, now that it is in. Whew! lol

I like how the front and back edges are beveled in, and the divider doesn't reach the top. Plus I LOVE the undermount; it just looks sleeker and will be SO much easier to keep clean!

A closer view. Rich likes the racks on the bottom- that means no more ugly dish racks on the counter!

The cabinet guys came in just to set the remaining cabinets so that the tile guy could do his work. They only set them and drilled the necessary holes- the trim and crown moulding will go in next week.

Lastly, the tile guys set up the mosaic on the counter so we could all make sure we liked it. Boy, that is a job that could take all day, if you let it. You could keep changing your mind over and over... But between four of us, we got it so that everyone thought it looked good and we let the guy get to work.

You can see some of the stackstone tile behind the sink here, I think it is very cool. 

Starting on the mosaic tile layout for the backsplash behind the stove.

And here it is, up and finished. I wish the stove would get here already!!!

A longer view of the tile- I will get a not-so-orange photo of it later today, when the sun moves!

It's so hard to believe this is even the same room- we didn't change the actual layout, just moved the appliances around a bit and streamlined things. So how does it seem SO much bigger????

The painter is here today, working on a few things, but everyone will be taking the long weekend off, so I won't have anything to show you till next week. 

I hope everyone has a relaxing and fun weekend!

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