Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time for paint

Once the granite guys have the template, it takes about a week to cut, so Amy has the painter coming in.

He started with my red wall. I LOVE IT. At night you can see more of the orange in it, but it is a lovely, rich, warm colour, and I am really happy with it. It is a custom colour of paint, the colour that my new stove will be. And the stove will sit on the wall right opposite this one. Also on the long wall will be the couch, the filing cabinet/end table, and my computer desk (on the unseen right side of the door here).

Waiting for a second coat

Second coat finished

How it looks coming into the kitchen from the hall. Beautiful, I think!

Next the base colour went on the walls, a tan colour which we chose to go with the tile backsplash, the cabinets, and the granite. I really like this colour too. It goes really well with the red.

See how it looks more orange at night? I took this last night so I could see how the red and tan go together, and I like it.

A little closer so you can see the bookcase and window seat.

Now we have a decision to make. I thought we had already made it (brown), but then the painter comes in and makes suggestions to Amy & I, and we have to really think it through.

Our designer, Amy, thinks we should paint these bookcases and window seat dark brown, to make them look like built in furniture, to warm up the room, to echo the chocolate brown of my wonderful chair that will sit across from it. And as Rich and I use this room mainly in the fall and winter to sit in front of the fire to read and relax, we don't need the space to be really light. The large window gives lots of sunlight during the day (it's a south-facing window), and we have good lighting for reading in the evenings.

The painter thinks we should leave the bookcases, window seat, and fireplace mantle and showcase it in the white, to match the ceiling beams, to accent it as woodwork. He and Amy both agree that painting the mantle will mean losing its detail.

Rich thinks the white is nice, now that we can see the red, tan, and white together, but he thinks it is too contemporary for the house, and he is favouring the brown.

I do think the white is sharp, and it would keep a light, airy feel to the room. But I love the thought of cozying up the space, considering what we use it for. 

I know it is just paint, I know we can re-paint if we make a mistake. I just really want to get it right the first time, because once this is all done, I know I am not going to want to be put out of the space again for a good long while! lol

Granite template

So the guys were here to template the granite.

The first thing the guy said was that the iron supports that we were planning to use instead of corbels were nowhere near good enough- they were far too short. Where they end would push up on the middle of the countertop and possibly cause cracking. I would cry like a baby if that happened! lol So they have ordered longer ones, ones that will go right across to the front of the cabinet and properly counterweight it.

They made the template out of balsa wood, all stapled together.

Just getting started

Figuring out where the seams will go

Done and ready to carry out

One of the three slabs we have on hold

It's hard to imagine how this will look on our counter. Both Rich and I wanted large movement in the granite as opposed to the smaller, more uniform types. I love it and can't wait to see how it looks next week!

Most of the cabinets...

I haven't had any time to post this week, but it has been a flurry of activity here!

Most of the cabinets have been installed and I am really pleased with them!

This is where the stove and hood will go.

And the microwave/convection and fridge. There will be a small pot light in that space over the fridge. What I will put there, I haven't a clue.

This is a little butler's pantry- attached sideways onto the pantry wall and will be handy as it is on our way into the dining room.

And my workspace, the dishwasher, and sink. The two large cabinets on the floor behind can't be installed until the granite goes in, as they go right from the counter to the ceiling- the bottoms of them are appliance garages, to store and tuck away my heavy stuff. 

A closer view of the crown molding. Is that how it is spelled???

The shelves are all adjustable and I won't put them in till I move back into the kitchen. Which will be at least a couple more weeks I imagine. Thankfully we are able to enjoy eating outside, shopping at the Farmer's Market, and out of our garden. If we have to be put out of our kitchen, this is the ideal time to do it!

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