Friday, August 20, 2010

Renos updates

We are nearing the end of the first week and have made some progress!

The beam we thought was load-bearing and wasn't, has presented us with another challenge.

To build it back up with a 2x4 makes it too narrow to match the wall it attaches to, and it is too narrow to attach the pendant lights the way we planned.

To build it up with a 1x6 would accommodate the pendants but require us to build up the opposing wall to match, pushing all the cabinets down the wall.

Thankfully I am married to an electrical engineer who suggested using just one transformer for the three lights, instead of trying to accommodate for one for each. It will work, and the details- well, I don't really get it. What I have explained is about what I "get"... lol

The drywall has been replaced and patched, outlets and switch boxes put in, the sitting room wall has been sanded and patched where the chair rail was removed.

You can see the red on the walls here- the paint store matched the colour of my new stove and we will paint that long wall red. We have chosen a taupe colour for what of the kitchen wall will show, and a chocolate brown (to match my chair) to paint the bookcases and fireplace mantle. 

It's looking so much better with stuff patched and sanded.

Amy and I had to take another trip up to the granite place yesterday to choose the slab I like best to put on the island portion of the counter. The granite is called Golden Ray and is gorgeous- I can't wait to see it installed!

This photo makes it look like there is some greenish colour in it, but you don't see that in person. In any case, there is lots of movement and interest in this, and I am sure however it gets laid out will be beautiful.

They have started patching the floor where necessary and tomorrow is set aside for finishing the drywall- plus whatever else crops up, I guess.

The cabinets were delivered this morning and the garage is full of huge cardboard boxes! They are due to be installed on Monday and then they will template the granite on Wednesday, assuming that everything goes according to plan... lol

I will keep you updated- in between trying to stay on top of this horrible dust mess that is EVERYWHERE!!!

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