Sunday, August 15, 2010

The demolition begins...

Yesterday marked the first official day of the demolition in our kitchen. YIKES! lol

The guy just got a start, taking out most of the upper cabinets and stacking them in our garage. They will be donated to Habitat for Humanity, along with anything else they want (once I know what all we have that is worthwhile!).

In the meantime, Rich and I met with our designer to choose the pendant lights to hang over the island portion of the counter. We settled on some nice ones, ones that I think will accent the elegant feel of the whole room.

Rich said he thinks it is a little weird, to choose all of these components, but have no idea of how everything will look once it is all put together- and it's true!

Tomorrow (Monday), they will finish taking everything out and the rest of the week will be a slew of jobs going on: roughing in the plumbing (we are moving the fridge), roughing in the gas lines (we are moving the stove), roughing in the electrical (we are moving around switches, outlets, and pot lights), removing tile and drywall and replacing drywall, finalizing all the roughed-in stuff, and getting ready for cabinets.

The cabinets are due in on Friday, and IF everything goes according to plan, the job shouldn't take more than three weeks. But coming from a family that was in the construction business, I know all too well that many things can crop up unexpectedly, so I am prepared for that.

I have more than 30 meals in my freezer, either fully cooked and ready to warm up, or partially cooked to where I can easily finish with very little prep work. It might be a little repetitive but it is better than having to eat out too frequently or having to live on cold food for the whole time. Don't get me wrong- I love to eat out! But when you HAVE to, it loses some of it's appeal to me, and it can get kind of pricey.

So here are a couple of before and after photos from yesterday- the first ones are from before the demo guy showed up and the last ones are what it looked like when we got home.

Other than the lighthouses up on the border, this is a nice kitchen right now (well, not anymore, since they have banged holes and taken out  But as I love to cook and bake and make preserves and such, the space really isn't workable. The oven is tiny, the cooktop is problematic and a pain to keep clean, there is hardly any usable workspace, and the sink and counter are just counter-productive, being white... it started out with such a simple idea of improving things, to THIS. lol

When the job is completely finished, I will put in before (when we moved in) and after photos to see. I am anxious to see it myself!

This side of the counter is where we sit- Rich uses his computer, the girls do homework...
Behind them is usually where the kitchen table sits, and my computer desk.

A better view from the sitting side. You can't see the appliance garages, since they are rolled up in this photo. Handy, but they leave you with hardly any space out in front.

The door beside the fridge leads out into the hall, towards the front door. The door to the right of that leads into the dining room.

A bunch of cabinets and overhead filler gone- it's starting to look bare!

It's really happening- no going back now! lol

I wonder why they left so much space at the top when they put these cabinets in? The new ones will go almost to the top- just leaving enough room for wiring and such. I want to use every inch of space I have!

This island area will be ALL workspace in the new kitchen! We chose some granite that we LOVE- and I can't wait!

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