Monday, August 23, 2010

Western Welcome Week 2010

The Western Welcome Week parade marks the end of the summer for the kids and the beginning of the official marching season. If you follow my blog, you know that this is Heidi's third year with the Columbine Rebels Marching Band- and Chloe will likely follow in her footsteps next year. I guess that means I will be sticking around with the band too... lol

A view of Littleton downtown, looking west.

The Columbine High School Rebels Marching Band!

That's my girl right in the middle of the mellophone section! (second girl from the left of the photo)

And again, going right by me. I'm not proud or anything. lol

These kids are so talented and dedicated- they work SO hard! They practice two nights a week for 2.5 hours each time, and all day every Saturday- in addition to having practice/class every school day. 

It was blazing hot out there and they must have been melting. But you would never have known it- they looked and sounded fantastic!

Looks like the Rebels are off to a great start!


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