Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring has sprung! (and I have the tulips to prove it!

Finally we have gotten a few nice days in a row (without snow) and the tulips are starting to bloom.

It looks so lovely and colourful out front again, with the fiery colours of the tulips, the freshly washed flags, and everything greening up!

My little snake "friends" have even decided that they don't need to spend every daylight hour right in my garden... YAY! lol

It has been pretty windy out though, and I haven't been out to work in my garden since the weekend, only out to water.

BUT I do have peas, snow peas, lettuce, and spinach planted in the bed behind the house, I have my fences up and repaired. I have all of my seeds and tools ready to go.

I have seedlings starting in my garden room, complete with grow lights and everything- though it is a pretty makeshift set up at this point. The original plan was to install hooks in the ceiling, but... long story. I figured it out- that is one of the things I do best. Improvise. lol

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