Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall and all that!

I have to second my friend Christine's sentiments of last week- where did September go??? Today is October. Which means in just four days, my son will celebrate his 19th birthday. I9! Seems like only yesterday he was such a little boy, playing contently with his Thomas the Tank engines and friends...

September was a whirlwind, that is for sure. Of course, I have a couple of new volunteer positions that are keeping me on my toes. I am the uniform chair for the marching band at Columbine as well as the new VP of the Booster board. As we are just now in the competitive season, it has been a busy job getting everyone properly outfitted and looking spiffy!

Heidi had an exhibition up at CU in Boulder on the weekend and then the first competition this past Tuesday night. Ken Caryl middle school attended the competition to cheer Columbine on, which is a tradition. Chloe is in 7th grade, but is in the 8th grade band and so she was invited to attend as well- only she was already on the list to help, so she got to show off a bit to her friends. And anyone who knows Chloe knows how she loves that! lol

The leaves are starting to turn around here and it is lovely. We don't have the variety of colours like I am used to from Ontario, but it is nice nonetheless. I will have to remember my camera the next time I am out. We haven't had frost yet thankfully, so the garden is still growing. But the cool air is more prevalent than the warm now and fall has definitely arrived.

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