Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Another Spring ritual is over and done. Our Easter was kind of spread out over two weekends, as Rich's kids were all here last weekend rather than this past one.

The girls were very disappointed to hear that I wasn't planning a treasure hunt for them, so I relented and did one anyway. I used song titles (an idea from my sister Sandy, who is always very inventive) to lead them from one clue to another. Some they got quickly, others they really struggled with. Rich and I enjoyed watching them and I think they had fun.

I am eager to get my garden ready and get some things planted! I have a number of seedlings started in my garden room and just need the area to be tilled in order to get out there and plant some seeds and plants. Hopefully that will be this week.

My tulips out front seem to have weathered the snow and cold of late and though they are small, most of the bunches seem to be alright. Some haven't come up at all, but they may be later blooming ones. I hope.

We are seeing some nicer weather again, at least till mid-week when temperatures are supposed to drop again. Certainly the biggest adjustment to our move has been the climate. Oh, and the language barrier. lol

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