Monday, February 23, 2009

We are Foodies!

Every year at this time, Denver has Restaurant Week and this year we could finally go!

This is what the web site says about it:

"Denver Restaurant Week is a seven-day celebration of the culinary scene in Denver. For one week, participating restaurants will offer a multi-course dinner for the fixed price of $52.80 for two". 5280 is the number of feet in a mile- and Denver is the Mile-High City, for those who wouldn't know that (like me, before I met Rich). 5280 is also the name of the Denver magazine. We get it and it is a great resource...

Last night was the first night, and we chose Opus in Littleton. We have been there for lunch, back in the summer, but wanted to try it for dinner. Opus was chosen by the Denver Post as one of the top ten places to try during this event.

When we eat out, we usually try to get different things so that we can both try more. Rich had French Onion Bisque which came with toasted brioche in the bottom of the bowl, topped with goat cheese and chive oil. I started with a salad of leafy greens with walnuts, brie "croutons" (delicious!), topped with white balsamic. We also went with the wine pairing that was offered, so we got champagne- oops- sorry- sparkling wine with this course. I love sparkling wine! lol

For the entrees, Rich got Braised Beef with Celeri Potatoes, exotic mushroom sauce (and darn it, we forgot to ask what kind of mushrooms they were, they were so good!), red wine cabbage, and black pepper pumpkin seeds. I got Pacific Salmon stuffed with barley, shallots, and spinach, over persimmon butter sauce and with shaved fennel. Absolutely delicious, all of it. Rich got red wine of course, and I had a choice between red and white. I chose red, since I prefer that.

Dessert was a Granny Smith Apple crisp in an oat crust with vanilla bean ice cream (I LOVE homemade ice cream! Good thing we have an ice cream maker!), and caramel sauce drizzled on the plate. There was a candied burnt caramel garnish on top that was very elegant and tasty. We got a dessert wine with this that was divine!

The restaurant was packed and so it was a little noisy, but all in all, an outstanding dinner with terrific service and we would definitely go back another time.

We have reservations to eat out twice more this week- and two out of the three we have chosen were in the top ten to try. So stay tuned for more reports on our foodie experiences.

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