Saturday, February 21, 2009

More music!

Both girls had a busy music week.

Tuesday night, the advanced elementary school band (of which Chloe is a member), the middle school bands, and the high school band all played a concert at Columbine.

Each band played a couple of numbers and then they all combined at the end to play "America The Beautiful", and it sounded really great.

Thursday night, Normandy had their combination Knight Ringers/Troubadours concert at the elementary school, and it was a tribute to Colorado. The hand bell video has them playing "Where The Columbines Grow". The Troubadours choir sang a lot of John Denver songs and I enjoyed it very much. I love John Denver- always have. And since my life is basically a John Denver song, well... lol (I could even give you specific song titles that describe various aspects of my life!)

I am trying to remember how to post videos on here...I have two videos: one of the combined bands and one of the handbells- you can actually see Chloe this time! I apologize for the shakiness- I have to videotape using my camera and zoom lens and it is pretty touchy about picking up movement on my part- but I like to try and zoom in a bit on the girls so you can see them, since you don't know where they are in the crowd.


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