Friday, February 13, 2009

So far...

Well, I have managed to make a couple of things from the Beatles fabric, and am working on a third.

Heidi wanted a tote bag (she refuses to carry a back pack). I wanted to showcase as much of the fabric as possible, which is why both sides are different. I used a Laurel Burch for the inside as it was one of the only fabrics I had enough of- I don't tend to buy big pieces of fabric unless I am working on something specific. And I found great rainbow tote strap to make it sturdy enough to lug around books.

Chloe just wanted a little purse, and since she loved the "cutie cubie" as she renamed the Treasure Box pattern- I amended it a little to make it bigger, and she seems pretty happy with it. It is lined with a vivid batik.

Holly wants a wallet, which I have cut and am working on right now. I have made this pattern before too, but hopefully I will do a better job on this one- I misfolded the last one, though I did manage to make it work in the end. **Hey- while I have been waiting for the girls to get up so that I can get photos of their bags- I finished the wallet! I hope Holly likes it.**

I will still have a bit of fabric left over and I think that I will use it to make a little wall hanging for my studio.

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