Monday, February 9, 2009

Well-fed wildlife!

There is no shortage of wildlife here in the suburbs!

Rich is a bird-lover (and so am I), and he just got new feeders over the weekend for the squirrels and the birds both.

The backyard is always full of cheerful chatter even on horribly windy days like today. We get so many varieties of birds it's hard to believe. The birds and squirrels are downright FAT! lol

Saturday while Chloe was at riding, Rich and I walked the trail along the South Platte river and got some great photos of pairs of ducks. I wanted to get some photos of the Canada Geese that seem to be EVERYWHERE... everywhere except there, apparently! lol

Sunday morning as I got out of bed, a bit of movement caught my eye in the east window. It was a coyote. There is a pretty good-sized pack of them just back of here- we have green space behind our back yard- and we have all been warned to keep a track of our pets, especially at night. Many neighbors have had their cats disappear. Such is life when you live side by side with wild animals, I guess.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to see if I could get a picture, and ran out back with the camera. Good thing I have a decent zoom lens, he was a good piece away and looked right at me. There were three of them, and Rich said they were the healthiest looking coyotes he has ever seen. Up in the hills he saw them a lot, but they were much skinnier.

I think it is very cool living so near to so much life outside!

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