Thursday, December 24, 2009

The gang's all here!

The kids arrived from Canada on Monday- a day late, but safe and sound. We are all very thankful that the delay only meant an extra night at home, not being stranded in an airport...

We have been keeping very busy with last-minute shopping, cooking, and outings. Today is reserved for tomorrow's preparation and lots of eating!

Yesterday the kids and I went into Denver for the day. We took the light rail in and spent a couple of hours at the 16th Street Mall. None of us had ever been there, and we enjoyed looking around, despite the wet-ish snow that fell persistently all day.

We checked out the shop at the Hard Rock Cafe, had lunch at Einstein's, and browsed (not for long enough) in the Tattered Cover's flagship store.

Then the girls and I headed up to the Buell Theatre to see "Little House on the Prairie- The Musical", starring Melissa Gilbert, while Ben stayed downtown to wander and explore.

The show was FABULOUS! All of us enjoyed it immensely! I even brought my bonnet (yes, I actually own a prairie bonnet! lol) with a Sharpie to get autographs if that was a possibility, but it wasn't. No matter. We all had a great day.

Fortunately, I kept myself pretty organized this year with everything- gifts, menus & cooking, cleaning... so though I have things to do every day, I am keeping the stress (at least the stuff I can control!) to a bare minimum. It was such a treat to be out having a fun day two days before Christmas!

Now Rich is off too, his boys are here, and Becca will arrive sometime today. It is busy and much more crowded than we are used to, but it is very cool to have everyone here together for the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The tree is up!

Yesterday after we got Chloe from riding, we headed over to the tree lot to choose our Christmas tree.

It's a beautiful Noble fir- so full and perfect, it's hard to believe it's real!

I helped the girls put the lights on and then they went to work decorating it- though it really didn't need much, it was gorgeous with just lights on it!

Now I need to start wrapping and filling up the space below it!

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