Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chloe's Continuation

Not GRADUATION because they are just "continuing" on- but a ceremony because they have to change schools.

Chloe has finished elementary school with straight "A"s and I am so proud! I have really seen her grow by leaps and bounds in every way this year. I know she is nervous about going to middle school, but I think she will positively thrive in the environment. Being the youngest, she has never cared for being treated like a baby and has always tried to prove her capability in whatever way she can. That is why I think middle school will be right up her alley! lol

Here are a few photos we took last night- check out the neon green leggings! Chloe also likes to make a statement whenever possible... lol


Calicojoan said...

Your girls are sooooo cute. Congrats on having such motivated kids.

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