Sunday, February 15, 2009

A New Quilting Journey!

Yesterday was SO FUN!!! My new friend Mona and I went down to Monument to a quilt shop called "Wild Heather" to meet with the ATC trading group- and what a blast it was!

The group is run by a local designer, Liz Kettle (co-author of Stitch Journeys), and the store owner, Heather (who is a pattern designer as well), is also a member of the group. We were warmly welcomed by all, and so inspired by all of the work we saw on the cards we traded. We each had to talk a bit about how we got the idea for our cards and what mediums/techniques we used. It is an incredibly talented group, and I just want to try so many things now! lol

The quilts on the wall and the fabrics in the store were also awe-inspiring, and I have a idea now for two wall hangings- a series I think that will include more than two- that I can't wait to get started on. I have been sketching and all night I dreamed of thread and what elements I want to have in these quilts. I'm not kidding!

However, I am going to start with the Stitch Journeys book; I bought it yesterday at the shop. Liz is delightful in person and when I got reading the book, I found that her co-author is from Newmarket, Ontario- and the threads they feature are Canadian. Unfortunately, that means I can't get most of them around here. But that is what ordering online is for! lol

I will learn how to use all of these threads and the techniques that go with them, and then I can start my quilt. No patterns, no rules- just my creative juices flowing. Let's see if I can transfer what I see in my head onto fabric. (That hasn't worked so well for me in the past...but I will think positively! lol)

For now, here is just a sample of the beautiful cards I got in the trade yesterday. The theme was "words" and everyone saw it a bit differently. To see the collection of what I made and all of what I got yesterday, you can go to my Webshots album (link on the right side of this page).


Calicojoan said...

Now those are cool. You are going to have to teach the rest of us here soon!


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