Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another competition

Heidi had another competition last night, the Jefferson County Marching Invitational.

I can't say that I am very fond of school night competitions... she wasn't ready for me to pick her up until after 11 pm!!! The poor girl hardly had time to get any homework done and was really worn out this morning. I don't know why they couldn't do it on a Wednesday night, when most kids have a late day on Thursday...

Anyway, this time the bands were competing in their own class. The Rebels are a 4A band. 

We watched 4 out of the seven bands in their level. Columbine was so great! They came in second place out of the seven. 

One thing I have noticed here is that the kids (and the parents!) take their school pride very seriously, much more so than back in Canada. They are fiercely proud of where they go to school, and are very vocal about it!

Another thing I have noticed is that I often hear kids talking about politics. Politics is a BIG thing here, much more so than in Canada. I watched a lot of the Democratic Convention from here in Denver, and we did listen to some of the Republican stuff after it was done. I have my opinions, of course, but I am not allowed to vote in this election. Next time, though...

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