Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The start of fall colour

We outdid ourselves on the weekend, going for a 20 mile/32 kilometre bike ride.  

We stopped at the 8.75 mile mark, intending to turn around, then thought, why not go the extra measley 1.25 miles and make it an even 20? Did we even remember that we had to go ALL the way back to where we parked???? I think not. lol

Boy howdy, were we exhausted! However, we did it, and that is something.

We had been so busy with going to Boulder and band stuff, we hadn't gotten out on our bikes at all on the weekend yet. The trees are turning and it is just so beautiful now, we wanted to enjoy the nice weather and take some photos.

So here are a few photos we took on the South Platte trail. I thought I was going to miss the Ontario colours, but it turns out we have the full palette here too. YAY!

Happy Autumn everyone!

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