Monday, September 8, 2008

A Day at the Park

Yesterday the four of us went to Elitch Gardens Theme Park. Rich's company rented the whole place for their employees and families, so while the lines were still long enough, it was not nearly as bad as it could have been had the park been open to the public.

The girls went their own way in the morning and so Rich and I decided to wander. Rich had said he wasn't much into thrill rides, which was fine by me.

But something changed and I am still not sure what... the first ride Rich suggested we go on was MindEraser. What a ride! Then we went on the Twister II, this huge wooden roller coaster. It was great. We had quite a while yet before the time we were to meet the girls for lunch, so the next stop was Shipwreck Falls- I hesitated, noting that we would get wet (it wasn't all that hot out), and Rich said we would only get "a little wet". Famous last words. Of course, he led me to the front seat- and the boat wasn't even full, surprise, surprise... lol We got absolutely drenched!

The next stop was the Boomerang- what had gotten into this man, anyway??? And he wanted the FRONT seat. So, off we went. It is a totally different experience being at the front. When that ride starts, it backs you up first and you are kind of suspended for a few seconds- pretty weird and scary feeling to be at the front of that one! 

After that, we were both a little dizzy and decided to opt for the Ferris Wheel, partly to calm ourselves (LOL) and partly to get a view of the park from high up, which was pretty cool. 

We met the girls for lunch and they wanted to hang out with us for a bit. We went on the Turn of the Century (swings) first and then we took them to the Mind Eraser. And Rich wanted to go in front again! I was wondering what on earth was going through his mind. And when I was strapped into that front position, I wondered again what I had been thinking to agree! lol I forced myself to keep my eyes open, and it was scary but exhilarating. 

We had pretty much had it by then, but Chloe wanted to go to the water park. She did a big slide with a tube and loved it. But she didn't want to go alone again (Heidi wasn't feeling so well by then) and it wasn't that warm, so she got dressed and she and I did the swings again. On the way out, Chloe, Rich, and I took a ride on the carousel. Chloe was hilarious. I took a photo of her on my phone, I just haven't figured out how to get it onto my computer yet.

We took the light rail into Denver and back and that was an adventure in itself. It is pretty cheap overall and nicer than driving in and out of the city.

Boy howdy!!! It was a great day!

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