Friday, August 15, 2008

Rain, computers, and school news

This is the first rainy day we have had since we moved here. Apparently this time of year, afternoon thunderstorms are very common, and we often do get clouds and thunder later in the day. Not often have we had any rain though. 

This morning when we got up, it was pouring rain. Boy, do we need it! I don't have any errands to run and it should be a quiet day. Great day to spend some time on my new iMac!

I haven't used a Mac in over twenty years and so have that bit of a learning curve to deal with, and as we are also running windows (on a virtual machine), I am trying to figure that out as well. That allows me to use all of my former programs which is fabulous!

The girls are both glad it is Friday. They want to get themselves organized before next week starts, now that they know better what to expect. 

Heidi has been moved up to Grade 11 French, as most kids here have only taken a year of French before entering high school, and Heidi has had five years. She loves the rest of her classes and seems to be settling in nicely. Tomorrow the marching band is playing in the Welcome Western Week in Littleton, and Heidi is nervous as she still doesn't really know how to put it all together (the marching and the playing by memory), but that is why they do this parade- straight marching and repeating one song throughout the march is a good way to learn apparently. I think it will all come together quickly for her once she does it. 

A guy Rich works with has two kids in the band, and he and his wife are in charge of the Pit Crew. Rich has signed up to help for some events. I have offered to help with uniform care; cleaning, mending, and such. Not that I know how to do alterations or anything, but if someone shows me what to do, I could probably do it. They are set for now, but they have my name and number and so I am sure someone will be calling at some point!

Chloe is also feeling better about things. She and Anna are starting to make more friends and they are doing homework together most days after school. Their schedule has them doing three days of gym, three days of art, and three days of music. In music class, they are teaching them how to play guitar! She is very pleased about that.

At Chloe's school, I have volunteered for library duty and for a group that makes and delivers meals to families in need. I haven't been contacted yet so I am not sure when I will start or what exactly I will be doing, but again- they have my information... lol

I am putting the borders on my Fun With 5" Squares table topper. I am hoping to have it done by the end of the weekend. Holly's quilt is ready to pin, and I will work on that next. I have the squares for Ben's rag quilt done, they just have to be assembled and fringed. I figure by the time I have them both finished, Holly will be in her new apartment and Ben should be in residence and I can send them each a care package.

Well, I must go and check if Chloe is ready for school and get on with my day. Happy day all!

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