Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bike Trails

Well, we do have the most gorgeous places to go biking, there is no doubt about THAT.
We went along the Platte River trail again last night, in the other direction this time, and stopped to take a couple of beautiful photos. We JUST got back on our bikes again when I heard a crash behind me.

There were the girls, both tangled up in their bikes. Chloe got up and for a moment I thought Heidi's leg might be broken as it seemed trapped at a weird angle in her bike frame. Thankfully neither of them was really hurt. We headed for home.

Chloe is covered with bumps and bruises and cuts and Heidi has some bruises too, but some chocolate cake for dessert heals many, many hurts... lol

Check out my new wheels!!! It's a SWEET ride, let me tell you! When the girls and I are out in it, we open the moon roof, turn on the iPod, and go exploring!

I LOVE my life.

Oh. I have posted some new photo albums on my Webshots page- the link is on the right of this page, if you want to have a browse.

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