Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well, we are just coming to the close of our first ever Homecoming- it is really something, that is for sure!

The high school had a whole week of spirit-building activities and pep rallies, and yesterday morning, the local Fox news was at the school to film little segments of some of the groups. The marching band was one of them! Not that you can see much, but if you are interested, you can go to this link:
Click on the Good Day red tab, and from there there is a little photo under the main photo that says "Friday HS Pride- Columbine Rebels".  That will pull up a small article with a side bar that has five small photos- click on the fourth photo down to see the marching band- it is a short video. You can see Heidi in it two or three times- she is in the front row with a flute and has a bright green bandana across her forehead. They didn't show much of the band, but it was pretty cool to see her on live TV yesterday just the same!
Last night was the Homecoming football game (which we won 34-14) and Rich, Chloe, and I worked in the pit. The band played the National Anthem, then they played various little ditties throughout the first half from the stands. At halftime, they played just the third song from their show, so I had to snap photos QUICK! lol
Tonight is the Homecoming Dance and Heidi is going with a group of her friends- more on that tomorrow!


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