Monday, October 6, 2008

Homecoming Dance & Weekend activities

Here is a photo of Heidi and her friends going to dinner before the Homecoming Dance.

I have to say, our first experience with Homecoming was pretty great. The game was fun to attend and Heidi loved all of the activities throughout the week, ending with the dance. Being on TV was kind of cool too... lol

Yesterday we went to a corn maze and what a challenge that was! I had a lot of fun taking "artistic" photos as well as regular ones, and afterward we went for a drive up to the foothills to see the trees changing.

If you have ever driven on mountain roads, you already know there really isn't anywhere to stop, so most of my drive photos were taken from the car as we were moving. Considering that, I am happy with the photos, but they really don't show the colours the way I saw them- vibrant and breathtaking. 

It's the most amazing thing to see the bright gold aspens in amongst the evergreens- on the mountains it looks like fluorescent lights in the middle of the dark trees. 

I thought coming here that I wouldn't see the lovely fall colours that I am used to in Ontario, but I was wrong. Many of the trees and shrubs change here, and as you can see on the mountain, there are lots of colours to see here too. YAY!!! 


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