Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Camera!

We went up to Fort Collins yesterday to watch Heidi compete at the stadium at CSU. The stadium was pretty impressive and Heidi said it was fun to compete there.

The band came in fifth out of six bands in their level, but their score improved from the last competition, and they competed against bands who won and placed in State Finals last year. So their band leader was really pleased overall. They played really well, and now that we have heard the songs over and over, they are familiar and we like them better. And every competition they add a little something extra to it, so we always wonder what we will see next! lol

As Ben lives in Fort Collins, we met up with him and his girlfriend Jessica for lunch. We also got a tour of a bit of the city and Ben & Jessica's apartment, which is bright and sunny and very nice.

Rich surprised me with a new camera on Friday. It has a huge lens on it and I was able to take so many cool photos of Heidi at the competition. I read the manual in the car on the way to Fort Collins and it apparently takes video too. I am going to have to play with this baby- and I am thinking of taking a photography class to learn how to use it to its full capacity.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE taking photos, how much I love scrapbooking with them, how much I love hanging them all over my walls! Rich is definitely the master of surprises! What a sweetie.


Christine Baker said...

Hi Christa!
Your new camera takes great photos!! You are getting spoiled down there.
My quilting class went well last week, as usual there are people that are way ahead and i can't figure out why they are even taking the class, there are people in the middle and then there are the ones who are WAY behind. I drove Paul carzy all morning by making him come out to adjust almost everyone's tension, but he was still smiling by the end of it.
Nellie and Nick are in Greece the lucky bums!!! It is cold and rainy here and I wish I was there too.

Where is Ben living? I thought that he was going to school in Ottawa??

You should see the improvements they have been making at Taylor's. Dyane got themto make a display window - it looks awesome. If I remember to take a picture I will post it on my blog.

Have a great week!

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