Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heidi's Grade 8 Grad

Since I only just started this blog a week or so ago, I haven't caught everyone up to speed on how Heidi made out at her graduation just before we moved.

What a girl!!! She had been chosen as the female valedictorian for the graduating class ahead of time, so that she and the boy who was chosen could plan their speech. Heidi says she has wanted to be valedictorian since third grade- so you can imagine how thrilled she was.

The only award she was really hoping for was the English award, as Heidi loves to read and write stories. The one I was hoping she would get was the all-around proficiency award, which she assured me she likely wasn't a candidate for, as there were many very smart kids in her class.

Well, in addition to the Valedictorian award, Heidi won the English award, the French award, the all-around Proficiency award, AND the Principal's award for leadership. The principal nearly cried when describing Heidi and her efforts and accomplishments.

You couldn't have found a more proud mom that night, I have to tell you! Heidi had her own cheering section there, with myself, Holly, Ben, and Chloe, plus Brenda and Jessica from Oshawa, and my sister Sandy, Nick, Ghassan and Maya from Ottawa. You can imagine the noise we made every time Heidi got called up to the stage... lol


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